What does "local" honey mean?

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What does "local" honey mean? 75 0

Local: the most confusing word in the honey business – what does Local mean?

No question, the most miss understood word regarding Raw Honey is Local. Just what is Local? Every day someone is telling us that local is within one mile of their home or down the street and so forth. This is not their fault. I have been researching the word Local as it applies to Honey and I have discovered that Honey sellers and beekeepers alike have no unified answer. Most people are considering that their honey be local when they are using it for allergy relief. It stands to reason that if you take honey to develop your ammine system and get over your allergies. You want the honey which contains the most allergens to which you are allergic. Therefore, you want the broadest geographic area in which the foliage is the identical. Here is a thought, if you utilize honey within one mile of your home, and a bee travel approximately two miles from the hive when searching for nectar, then your ammine system will be developed for that two-mile area. However, let us say that the foliage is identical for a hundred-mile radius of your home and let’s also say, that the bee keeper has hundreds of hives in that area and again assuming that bees travel two miles from each of their hives a wider area and therefore the honey is more likely to contain a larger array of allergens far more balanced than the five hives down the street whose bees may focus on a narrow collection of nectar. Keep in mind that bees don’t just go randomly about gathering nectar, they communicate with one another as to the best locations where the most nectar is available. It is possible go to few plants and therefore limiting the selection of the allergens contained in their honey. When too few hives are employed in to small of an area.

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